5 Awe-Inspiring World Cities

Few cities in the world possess the magical quality that allows them to inspire creativity. Whether it’s their geographical location, famous buildings, design landmarks, landscape or the lively and artsy people, these are some of the best cities in the world to be inspired.

1. Berlin
Since German reunification, Berlin’s role as the capital of a united Germany and its openness to the world’s diversity have created the ideal conditions for innovation and creativity to flourish. In 2006, the German capital was officially designated a UNESCO City of Design, marking the city as a booming capital of modern design that attracts creative entrepreneurs from around the globe with its eclectic and vibrant lifestyle. The city offers artistic freedom, extraordinary exhibit spaces and people who are interested in design and open to new ideas. This surely makes Berlin the perfect city to hunt for inspirations.

2. Cape Town
Crowned the focal point for the international design community in 2014, Cape Town shines as a world design capital and the first city on the African continent to be handed the title. Cape Town took over the title from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Visitors to one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs, Woodstock, can see the busy harbour to the north and the majestic Table Mountain to the south. But most people wandering around the area are not here for the views; with its craft stores, art markets, theatres, artsy streets and award-winning restaurants, Cape Town is a hot address for young urbanities.

3. Melbourne
Though geographically Melbourne is far from the most influential design hubs of the world, its culture, creativity and innovation remain significant and relevant on an international level. The city has a sense of mystery and intrigue about it. Visitors can stumble across Melbourne’s many gems; they are hidden in laneways, rooftops or underground. It is the one of many factors that makes Melbourne such a great place that draws inspiration through its every corner. This coastal capital is home to 19th century buildings and tree-lined boulevards, yet its centre is strikingly modern, with plazas, bars, restaurants and cultural events along the Yarra River. Melbourne surely has a charm all its own.

4. Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro is a huge city with a vibrant creative industry that offers a perfect balance between bustling urban living and remarkable natural scenery. It is not uncommon to see people biking to work with their swimsuits under relaxed work clothes. If the beach is not your thing, you can always hit the bars for happy hour. People of Rio are known for being hardworking, building some of the most inspiring works in the country while still enjoying life outside of the office. Like locals say, if commuting past mountains, lagoons, beaches and centuries-old architecture every morning doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.

5. Tokyo
The capital of Japan is a thriving and bustling hub of creativity, fashion and culture, with a particularly edgy art scene. Everyone who has visited this vibrant city will agree that Tokyo is a mix of visual landscapes. The hyperkinetic power and telecommunications cables that snake through the city and permeate every scene; the use of bright colours for public barriers and signs; the beautiful cherry trees in almost every corner of the city; the amazing fashion sense of Tokyo residents; the occasional stunning piece of architecture. Tokyo is a treasure chest that offers no end of inspiration, a place where you can discover something new every time you step out of your house or room.

Text by Dennis Latif | Berlin’s photo courtesy of Wolfgang Scholvien, Cape Town’s photo courtesy of City of Cape Town, Melboure’s photo courtesy of Visit Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro’s photo courtesy of Carentalrio, Tokyo’s photo courtesy of FewJapan

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