5 Best Solo Travel Destinations

Traveling alone is the single best gift you can give to yourself.

We selected five best and safe places in Asia that are perfect for traveling alone.

1. Hanoi
Some people are still a bit hesitant about Vietnam citing safety concerns. Is the country safe enough for one to travel alone there? Of course, it is safe and also fun. In general, Vietnam is a wonderful country. I found that the people are exceptionally friendly. For solo female travelers, there are plenty of areas where women can explore, indulge and relax throughout the country. For solo travelers, Hanoi offers many activities that include history, art, and shopping. I spent a couple of days in Hanoi and truly enjoyed myself. Sitting on any of the benches along the Hoan Kim Lake is especially rejuvenating. It could easily be one of the most peaceful spots in town. After having some ‘me’ time, you can visit the Jade Mountain Temple, located near the lake or go straight to the weekend night market in the Old Quarters area. The Old Quarters is like a maze, because too many streets and alleys that gets one confused and lost. But this is considered Hanoi’s gem. You can literally find everything in this area. Absolutely, it is the best place for buying souvenirs, beautiful scarfs, exploring a bunch of food stalls, restaurants and bars. You can also discover churches, temples, pagodas, and other historical buildings around the Old Quarters.

2. Singapore
There are plenty of things to do when traveling alone in Singapore. The first is to visit the museums, which I have always found amazing each time. Many of them display very artistic and creative artworks, good facilities and information about the collections. Another idea is to visit the parks and many of the public areas Singapore teems with. These open spaces offer relaxing environment to sit, relax, and contemplate. If you need more than just an ordinary park, a visit to Singapore Botanic Garden and Garden by the Bay is an excellent idea, because a walk through these enclosures reveals wonderful, unique, and innovative garden concepts. If museums, parks, and gardens aren’t your thing, simply head to the one and only Orchard Road to shop until you drop.

3. Penang
I have visited Penang twice, and it never gets boring. The city mesmerized me through its ambiance and vintage nuances. For sure this city is highly recommended for solo travelers. You can enjoy the main attractions, culinary, and all of the other fascinations by yourself. Penang famously known spot is its UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site, the “George Town,” an authentic town situated in the heart of Penang. A direct bus from the airport will take you straight to this vintage area. The best way to explore George Town is by renting a bicycle.. It only costs approximately 10 Malaysia Ringgit (about 70 cents (U.S.)) for a whole day. Ask for a map that comes handy to help you find the trademark buildings and sites; some of which are Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Kuan Yin Temple, Penang Peranakan Mansion, St. George’s Church, and many more. The other thing that makes Penang fascinating is its street art. Thanks to Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist, who left his mark with a beautiful painting in the town. His artworks are funny, fascinating and grab the attention of many visitors.

4. Macao
This city kinda draws less attention because most of the tourists prefer exploring Hong Kong. Disneyland and a myriad of shopping attractions are more appealing to holiday makers and solo travelers than exploring a city famous for casinos and famously dubbed the “Vegas of China.” However, one thing you must know about Macao is that it one of the cities in Asia that has specific vibes and nuances from the confluence of western and eastern cultures. That fusion of Portugal and China is what makes Macao one-of-a-kind city in Asia, and it is an absolutely perfect destination for those looking to travel abroad with no company. As a history admirer, I spent a good time in Macao. This territory has plenty of historical areas and buildings, the chief of which is Taipa area. I was mesmerized by the so many vintage and beautiful buildings and artistic details in the Old Town. This area would be a little heaven for photography enthusiasts because there are so many spots to capture there.

5. Yogyakarta
There are several cities in Indonesia that are nice for traveling alone, and Yogyakarta is on top of the list. There are many reasons why Yogyakarta is a part of our list. There is a wide selection of good and affordable accommodations for solo travelers. There are many and a variety of street food spots within the city and many unique cafes and restaurants that serve traditional as well as international foods and menus. Among the many places to see are the Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Taman Sari, Benteng Vredeburg and Pasar Beringharjo, all located near the downtown, a walking distance if you stay around Malioboro street, which is the most popular street in the city. Walking around the city presents an ambient learning experience. It’s very safe to walk in Jogja by oneself while hunting photos or culinary from the streets. You can also join Jogja Walking Tour, which is a free walking tour program with local guides that allows one to visit and absorb more about the culture and ever interesting stories about Yogyakarta. The other option is to join a bicycle tour, it’s fun, affordable, and dares you to explore the city from another angle.

Text and photos by Priscilla Picauly

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