5 Exotic Destinations for Family

Luxury travel company Jacada Travel is seeing a rise in requests for family trips to exotic destinations. Such trips include those in their 60s and up, their children, and the grandkids.

1. A Galapagos Family Adventure
Hailed as one of the most family-friendly destinations for multi-generational travel, this family holiday is designed so that you and your family get to experience every angle of this incredible archipelago and spend quality time with one another. The famous giant Galapagos tortoises, blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants and marine iguanas are endemic only to the Galapagos, and are found nowhere else in the world. It was this unique terrain that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection when he visited in 1835. Its jungles teem with wildlife, and this volcanic land full of black lava stones make for an impressive sight. This trip of a lifetime will include a four- night cruise, hopping between the islands, snorkeling off pristine beaches, and interacting with marine wildlife.

2. Finland Fun
Finland is the perfect destination for your family holiday. The more adventurous can try their hand at outdoor activities, such as snowmobiling or dog sledding, while those who like to take life a little slower can settle down for an afternoon of ice fishing. Visit a reindeer farm in Muotka and learn about Sami culture and what goes into taking care of the gentle creatures. Before catching your international flight in the vibrant seaside city of Helsinki, explore the different attractions that appeal to the diverse interests and ages in your group. The city is a hive of culture, so plan on viewing art and shopping for Finnish goods in Helsinki’s famous Design District, and visiting its edgy restaurants. History buffs will love taking in monuments like the National Museum of Finland (set in a neo-medieval castle), where one can learn about the unique ties between Finland and Russia. Nature-lovers will love the boundless activities it can offer, from wandering around the silent Viikki Arboretum, or taking dips in nearby icy lakes.

3. Family Safari Explorer to South Africa
A wonderful wildlife adventure awaits you and your family in the Madikwe Reserve and the Kalahari, both specifically designed for families of all ages. Boasting the “Magnificent Seven” wildlife wonders – elephants, rhinos, buffalo, cheetahs, leopards, lions and cape hunting dogs – you will experience each and every one of these exotic animals while travelling through a series of unique terrains. Selecting only the very best safari reserves, and choosing lodges that accommodate families best, this Safari escapade will surely be an all-time favourite.

4. Komodo National Park
When it comes to sailing trips, an expedition around Komodo National Park aboard a private yacht is hard to beat. You and your family will spend five nights exploring this magical landscape, cruising between lush, green islands,
stopping to swim through clear warm waters or dive to see pristine marine life. In Komodo, trek up the cliffs at Padar for a sunrise view of the pink, white and black volcanic beaches that dot Nusa Tenggara. Less active family members can snooze on the private yacht, or have breakfast picnic on the beach. Of course, everyone will get the chance to interact with the Park’s famous-Jurassic Park- looking lizards, the Komodo Dragon.

5. England For Everyone
An England tour has the family taking in the dazzling culture and sights in and out of London. See the city’s famous landmarks and hidden gems your way – think special tours catered to your interests, from World War II tours, garden tours and even Royal Wedding or Downton Abbey tours, with local guides. Not to be missed would be entering the world of Harry Potter on a spellbinding journey through England and Scotland. On this magical trip, you and your family will venture through London, the Cotswolds, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, offering you activities that include riding the “Hogwarts Express” – the real-life Jacobite steam train in the valley of Glencoe.

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Galapagos photo courtesy of Roy Lamsam; Finland photo courtesy of Visit Finland; South Africa, Komodo and England photos courtesy of Jacada Travel.

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