5 Favourite Local Destinations

Where do local tourist go for a short weekend getaway? Booking.com has listed 5 favourites local destinations frequented by Indonesian tourists. Let’s take a look at the list and maybe you can choose your next short getaway destinations!

1. Jakarta
Famously known as the capital city, Jakarta is still local tourists’ favourite spot to spend a short weekend getaway. Jakarta is the perfect city for travellers who want to spend their time on a shopping spree, or travellers who want to take in the grand metropolitan life. Apart from its well-spread shopping centres, Jakarta is well-known for its restaurants and cafes.

2. Bandung
If you want to escape the frenzy scene of busy metropolis, Bandung is an excellent choice. Aside from its beautiful sceneries, this town is also notable for its culinary destinations and new accommodations that have unique and modern designs. These accommodations have a slight touch of an artsy feeling, perfect for travellers who are looking for a different scene.

3. Bogor
Bogor, dubbed as the “City of Rain”, is located not too far from Jakarta, and it is still one of locals’ favourite destinations, especially for Jakartans. You can reach this town with an hour or two of car drive from the capital. Bogor is also recognized for its beautiful sceneries and cool climate – this town is surrounded by numerous mountains. Bogor is a superb choice for nature lovers and for culinary enthusiasts—thanks to the culinary diversity the city has to offer. Curug Cibaliung, Rumah Pohon & Jembatan Kayu Gantung Curug Ciherang Jonggol, Goa Agung Garunggang, Little Venice Kota Bunga, and Kebun Raya Bogor are must-visit destinations when you explore the City of Rain.

4. Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is a city that is recognized for its historical values and local culture, as well as its reputation for being the city of students. Various uniquely designed hotels are also starting to populate this city. For you, culture vultures, you can visit some of the most beautiful temples within this city. Candi Prambanan is one of the most famous temples that you need to visit during your trip to Yogyakarta. Batik is Indonesian cultural heritage, which comes with several different motifs, depending on its original areas. This solemn reason is what makes Yogyakarta as the ideal place to go for a cheap batik hunt.

5. Surabaya
Transforming itself into slick and spotless city, Surabaya has successfully strengthened its position as one of the leading metropolitan cities in Indonesia. You can visit several shopping centres that are available in this city; however, if you feel like doing some other activities, Surabaya also features different attractions that you and your family can enjoy. Don’t miss Atlantis Land Kenjeran, Surabaya North Quay, House of Sampoerna, Hutan Mangrove Wonorejo, Citilites Skyclub and Bistro.

Text and photos courtesy of Booking.com

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