5 Must-Try Culinary Experiences in Padang

PADANG, the capital city of West Sumatera, became attractive since the Ministry of Tourism held “Tour de Singkarak,” an international bicycle race around the province. Padang city remains a bustling tourist destination since after the races. What is drawing people to the city is not just the abundance of exotic places to visit but also the culinary allure that awaits. If you are ever in Padang city, make the time to try some of the culinary favorites in town.

1. Teh Talua
Morning coffee is a must for some people. But when you are in Padang, morning Teh Talua is a must-try drink to start your day. Teh Talua is a tea beverage locally cultivated and prepared in West Sumatera. The egg yolk mix to it gives it its unique taste. Adding squeezed lemon to it creates a variant flavor, that you may try. The best place to enjoy Teh Talua is at Warkop Nipah, a restaurant situated at Jl. Nipah No. 1D. Lontong Nangka is a delicious choice to go with the tea, even though it’s a little bit “heavy” for breakfast.

2. Es Durian
Nothing compares with this tropical fruit. In Sumatera Island, especially West Sumatera, durian is found everywhere and easily affordable. To make this fruit more interesting, several restaurants and food stalls created Es Durian (Ice Durian). The most famous of which is Es Durian Iko Gantinyo at Jl. Pulau Karam No. 9. Served in a glass bowl, the Ice Durian mixed with condensed chocolate milk becomes an irresistible appeal to the eyes.

3. Soto Padang
Soto may be very popular for Javanese, but in West Sumatera, they also have these traditional beef soups. The soup there is a bit different from those in the Java Islands. Soto Padang (Padang Soup) has a bold taste, maybe because of its coconut milk twist. It is readily available in Padang city. For the Soto Padang, you will never forget, however, a stop at Garuda Soto Padang restaurant at No. 101, Jl. S. Parman, is a smart choice, as many of its loyal customers confirm.

4. Sate Padang
Many people in Indonesia consider Satay a culinary favorite. Almost every province in Indonesia serves this menu. In Padang and West Sumatra in general, it comes in specially cut [cube-shaped] beef seasoned with several traditional spices. It is served with spicy sauce, and that is what makes it Sate Padang. There are three main offerings of the Satay, which are Sate Padang, Sate Padang Panjang, and Sate Pariaman. The differences are in the color of the sauces. Sate Padang and the “Panjang” comes with yellow-coloured sauces, while Sate Pariaman has red-coloured sauce.

5. Martabak Kubang
Martabak is a kind of Omelet that contains vegetables and meat. But clearly, Martabak Kubang has an interesting taste and appearance. Unlike the regular Martabak Telur, Martabak Kubang is tastier, and the best place to have it when visiting Padang city is at Martabak Kubang Hayuda, previously known as Martabak Mesir, the popular stall in town. The popularity of the Kubang Hayuda Stall shows in the long queue of customers there at No. 138B Jl. Prof. M. Yamin SH, every night.

Text by Priscilla Picauly | Photos by Febri Amar

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