5 Must Try New Dishes at Motel Mexicola

Take a journey through the different flavours of Mexico at Motel Mexicola.

Seminyak’s Motel Mexicola specialises in authentic Mexican cuisine closely based on that cooked in restaurants, served on street corners and in homes in Mexico. Chef Steven Kelly has created a variety of new additions to the menu which will add to the culinary journey, here are our top 5 dishes that you just have to try.

1. Ceviche Mixto
Some people called it Aquachile. Aquachile means chilli water and comes from the technique of pounding the chilli and adding water to make a dressing. It is classically made with shrimp, but the restaurant is serving it as a ‘mixto’, shrimp/ prawn and fish. The ceviche is served with sliced red onion, red capsicum, radish and coriander and blue corn tortilla chips.

2. Tacos Lengua De Carne
Lengua is braised beef tongue, which is one the most popular street tacos. Australian Beef tongue is braised in beef consommé, chilli, onions and coriander and grilled until crispy. Served with avocado, pickled chillies and onion

3. Torta Ahogada
Literally translates “drowned sandwich’. This is a speciality of Nicolaza’s home town, Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. The Mexicola version has braised pork belly, red onion and oregano, and comes with plenty of tomato and oregano salsa.

4. Enchilada
Enchiladas are tortillas rolled around a filling and cooked in a sauce, commonly chili but this dish is served with a tomatillo salsa. Zucchini flowers and sliced zucchini are cooked with onion and cumin, before being added to a corn puree/ crema. Two tortillas are covered with salsa and mozzarella before being baked. The enchilada are garnished with avocado, onion and zucchini flowers

5. Barbacoa De Pollo
Barbacoa refers to most barbecue dishes. Skinless chicken breasts are marinated in a rich pasilla chilli marinade before being cooked in banana leaves to retain maximum moisture. The chicken is then sliced and dressed with salsa borracha. On the side is Mexican rice, sour cream and lime

For more information about Motel Mexicola, visit: www.motelmexicolabali.com

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