5 Places You Have to See in Bandung

The capital of West Java province is today a whirl of sights, sounds and activities. Here are 5 destinations you cannot miss when you are in Bandung.

Bandung is a popular weekend destination, with throngs of people from Jakarta and surrounding areas descending on the West Java capital to enjoy its many attractions. With its beautiful views, great cuisine, affordable shopping and warm ambience, Bandung is the ideal destination for those in search of good times and great food.

1. Tebing Keraton
Currently the most popular destination in Bandung, Tebing Keraton is blessed with natural beauty. Getting its reputation mainly with the help of social media buzz, Tebing Keraton is located inside the Taman Hutan Rakyat Djuanda conservation area, only a 10-minute walk from the entrance gate. The best time to visit Tebing Keraton is before 6am. Start your day with a magical morning by watching as the sun rises into the sky and the night turns into day. You will be breathless when you see the magical sunrise with the lust forest and hills as the backdrop, the fog creeping between the trees and braches, creating a mystical atmosphere. And you must take a photo while standing at the edge of the cliff, but be careful when taking the picture.

2. Stone Garden
Located near Tebing Keraton, in Padalarang, is Stone Garden, literally a garden with stacks of rocks and stones. The area used to be a lake a very long time ago and the stones formed naturally. Some say Stone Garden is like Christmas Island in Australia. Similar or not, Stone Garden is a good place to enjoy a different side of Bandung. Bandung has plenty of situ (lakes) and curug (waterfalls), but this must be the only stone garden. While walking around Stone Garden, don’t miss Pawon Cave. My guide told me archaeologists found ancient human bones inside the cave.

3. Situ Patenggang
The lake is set amidst rolling hills, surrounded by carpets of green grass and tea trees. Situ Patenggang is about 47 kilometres from Bandung. It is also a good idea to plan your visit to the lake for before noon, because Situ Patenggang, with its elevation of 2,000 metres above sea level, is usually shrouded in a thick fog that comes rolling down the hills in the afternoon. One of the most popular tourist attractions in this area is Pulau Asmara (Love Island) – a place where Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis met – and Batu Cinta (Love Rock), set in the middle of the lake. It is said that those who step on Batu Cinta and continue to circle Pulau Asmara will be blessed with endless love.

4. Pangalengan
Pangalengan is a district located 48 kilometres from Bandung and is famous for its fresh milk. Pangalengan is much more than dairy farming, it has traditional villages, natural attractions such as lakes, ponds, hot springs and waterfalls, and Pangalengan is also famous for tea plantations. Malabar Tea Plantation, near Mount Malabar, is one of the most famous tea estates and was formerly known as a hill station during the Dutch colonial period.

5. Situ Cileunca
Still in the Pangalengan area is the man-made lake Situ Cileunca. According to local stories, was a wilderness area until 1918 when it was made into a lake for the water needs of residents. Cileunca has a depth up to 17 metres and is a popular destination for fans of water sports like rafting. Or you can go camping with your family in a campground near the lake. It is peaceful and magnificent.

Text by Melani Semuel & Priscilla Picauly | Photos by Alfian S. Prasetyo, Ricco Riccheza and Jody Fauziansyah

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