5 Things To Do in Singapore

There is more to Singapore than just shopping… experience the city-state in a different light

1. View From the Top
The sky is an infinite scenery. From the top everything looks different. This is why you should consider going up and feeling the experience of Singapore Flyer. The breathtaking panoramic views of Singapore skyline. Inside capsule you will go up above 165 m from ground level and see 360 degrees panoramic views. You can also order private romantic dinner inside the capsule. www.singaporeflyer.com

2. Visit Museums
Thera are several recommended museums that you can stop-by and explore. National Museum of Singapore is a must visit museum in Singapore. Singapore Art Museum or commonly called SAM and have mission to make infinite room for everyone to think, feel, experience and imagine through contemporary art. The other museum that you can visit are Peranakan Museum, ArtScience Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum and many more. www.yoursingapore.com/see-do-singapore/history.html

3. Relax at the Parks
Even in the midst of the hurly burly of one of the busiest cities in Asia, you may still find peace in Singapore’s natural gardens and parks. Enjoy strolling and sightseeing in any of the several parks and gardens some of which you can enter with no charge. Visit the 82-hectare Singapore Botanic Gardens: in existence for 156 years, it is home to 1.200 orchid species. Another interesting place to visit is the Gardens by The Bay, a green jewel where wonder blooms. Be entertained while learning about the plant kingdom in a whole new way or enjoy the limitless activities including signature festivals, music concerts and movie screenings, and sports and community events. www.yoursingapore.com/see-do-singapore/nature-wildlife.html

4. City Tour
Singapore has beautiful skyscraper and fascinating buildings to see around. If you too lazy to go around, perhaps you can join the Duck Tour. For a different experience, Duck Tour, embark on a land and sea adventure with remodeled WW II amphibious Vietnamese War. This journey will take you close enough to Singapore’s famous skyline and history landmarks. The open-air vehicle is safe for every age. www.ducktours.com.sg

5. Biggest Aquarium
Singapore maybe not familiar as an exotic destination, but this city does have biggest aquarium right in the heart of Sentosa Island. Begin the journey by discovering Asia’s maritime heritage inside The Maritime Experiental Museum. Then you can continue the path to visit S.E.A Aquarium. This attraction has become a home for more than 100.000 marine animals with 800 species. There are 10 zones inside S.E.A Aquarium, divided into a sea area all over the world. www.rwsentosa.com/Homepage/Attractions/SEAAquarium

Text & Photos by Priscilla Picauly

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