5 Top Trending Travel Experiences for 2018

What are the top trending types of trips that speak to travellers? This is Jacada Travel’s list for 2018.

1. Travel Deeper into Ice Destinations
Heading to Scandinavia isn’t just about the Northern Lights any longer. Jacada Travel gives its clients access to some of the wildest experiences: Lamborghini-racing across the frozen lakes in Finnish Lapland, horse- sledging during the full moon in Norway, or island-hopping on Sweden’s West Coast.

Jacada is always seeking to add to its portfolio of the northern reaches. Answering to the every-growing demand for the region, in 2017, Jacada Travel began luxe tours to Greenland, a country for adventurers eager to experience the local Inuit culture, undertake husky-sled expeditions to glaciers, and climb and hike in places with dramatic views. In September 2017, Jacada also began tailor-made trips to the isolated Faroe Islands in the West Nordic region of the Arctic. There, travellers explore the picture-perfect villages and discover the exciting, unique food scene.

2. Achievement-based Travel
More people are finding themselves planning what the travel trade calls “achievement trips”. One top destination Jacada is seeing in this category is Nepal. The Indian Himalayas has much to offer – from stunning scenery, to fascinating culture and out-of-this-world hiking. More specifically, the region of Kumaon, in the state of Uttarakhand, has been completely unspoiled by mass tourism, and its remoteness is increasingly becoming a draw. Another remote outpost gaining popularity is Ladakh – often referred to as Little Tibet – a land of snowcapped mountains, vast barren plateaus and deep turquoise lakes.

Jacada Travel also brings adventure travellers on a trip to conquer Ausangate – the spiritual “Rainbow Mountain” in the Andes of Peru. Still an undiscovered land mainly due to a challenging trek from starting at over 4,000m and reaching an epic 6,372m, travellers walk through unimaginably stunning terrain that changes from vibrant reds to lush greens, and to snow- laden slopes, hence the name of Rainbow Mountain. This is one of the quietest treks available.

3. Sustainability Gets Interesting
Several vineyards have taken to using animals, as opposed to traditional machines, to pick their grapes and fertilise the ground. Kayotei in Japan, as well as Emiliana in Chile and Vergenoegd in South Africa, use ducks for fertilization purposes. Matetic Vineyard – also in Chile and set to open in 2018 – will be letting llamas and chickens roam between the vines, nibbling on the leaves and fertilising the soil as they go.

In a bid to use natural materials, sustainability is literally built into the walls – Baines Camp in Botswana was built using a frame of elephant dung and recycled cans. Jacada Travel is investing in a portfolio of community projects aimed to help fight climate change – the result of which means that 100% of the carbon emissions from trips taken with them are offset (including all flights). Although the travel industry still has a long way to go, sustainability is no longer the theoretical concept we were seeing a few years ago.

4. Remote Luxury – Crowd-free Experiences
Luxury is increasingly being associated with remoteness and disconnectivity. Lodges and hotels are being built completely off the map, specifically in areas that have poor phone reception and are more challenging to get to. A few of the most popular remote hotels that Jacada sends travellers to: Hosteria Helsingfors, Calafate Argentina – specifically built away from the crowds.

Annandale, New Zealand – Here, lodges are so remote, you have two options for food: hire a private chef or you can enjoy the ‘We Create, You Serve’ programme where breakfast, a picnic lunch and three-course dinner are prepared and left in your fridge for you to simply pop in the oven and enjoy. Midgard, Iceland – built as far away from the crowds as possible, so guests can enjoy the Northern Lights without an iota of light pollution around Hoanib Skeleton Coast, Namibia – Accessible only by chartered flight, deep in the Namibian desert.

5. Zimbabwe and Zambia – The New Hot Safari Destinations
While South Africa is typically considered a favourite go-to for safaris, there is increase in demand for trips to Zambia and Zimbabwe. In the first half of 2017, Jacada Travel booked more trips to Zimbabwe than in all of 2016, and though historically these countries were booked as add-ons to trips to South Africa, people are increasingly opting to go there as a primary destination. Investment in infrastructure in both countries is also on the rise, spanning from airports to national parks. Liuwa Plains National Park in Zambia, for example, was taken over by African Parks in 2003 and has since seen a massive increase in the animal population there (and a decrease in poaching).

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