New Zealand’s Top 5 Chocolate Destinations

New Zealand is blessed with abundance of top-quality chocolate.

New Zealand also knows how to satisfy fans of sweet, bitter, smooth, or creamy. It’s no surprise that premium dairy makes for excellent chocolate, and there’s plenty to taste in New Zealand. We’ve rounded up top five chocolate destinations to take your taste buds on a sweet adventure.

1. Schoc Chocolate, Greytown
Just north of Wellington in charming Greytown, Schoc Chocolatiers were pioneers of wondrous filled chocolates and their list of delights is a chocolate-lover’s dream come true. At Schoc, and in Auckland’s history-filled seaside suburb of Devonport at Devonport Chocolates, you’ll see the chocolatiers at work behind the counter.

2. Cadbury World Experience
Discover the magic of Cadbury when you join in the Cadbury World Experience. Learn about the history of Cadbury and chocolate as you journey through time in our Visitor Centre. Then follow your guide to the Cadbury World Sensory Lab where you will discover and sample the different elements of the chocolate making process, from cocoa bean all the way through to our famous Cadbury Chocolate. The Sensory Lab is where chocolate comes to life right before your eyes! You will see chocolate being tempered, experience some of the essences we use to make some of our most treasured kiwi icons, and even get to create a little Marvellous Creation of your own! The tour concludes with a sweet splash as you enjoy our Cadbury World chocolate fall.

3. Wellington Chocolate Factory
See the bean to bar process of artisanal chocolate, order a hot chocolate and taste the company’s delectable single origin organic chocolate. The natural origin flavours really shine through – Trinidad & Tobago has a hint of dried mint and lychee and Peru has a taste of apricot, while the Madagascar bar has a subtle raspberry jam tone. All of the wrappers are designed by local artists such as Simon Morse, Gina Kiel and Malarky.

4. Patagonia Chocolates
At Queenstown’s Patagonia Chocolates, the pinot noir and cherry truffle is an education in regional flavor. Every single piece of velvety smooth milk, white and dark chocolate that they create is freshly made and crafted by hand, using traditional artisan techniques and love. We source only the finest and most natural ingredients from New Zealand and around the world, blending top-quality, sustainably-produced cocoa with exquisite flavours and tasty morsels.

5. Whittaker’s Chocolate
Whittaker’s is a confectionery manufacturer specialising in chocolate and based in Wellington, New Zealand. Whittaker’s is the second-biggest chocolate brand in New Zealand, behind Cadbury.The company controls its entire manufacturing process, calling itself a “bean-to-bar” manufacturer, to ensure top-quality products.

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