10 Safety Tips for Travelling Alone

Travelling alone can be fun in more ways than one and need not be lonely. Do not be reluctant to travel just because you are on your own, as it can end up being a fantastic experience. With solo travelling, you will definitely learn more about yourself and what you can do. Try it. It will be fun!

1. Take your trip during the low season, try to avoid peak times. Not only does this save you money, it is also more convenient to travel when places are less crowded. You want to be able to enjoy your trip.

2. Do your homework and plan your trip in advance. Know places you are going to, how to get there, etc. Make a small itinerary. By learning about the place you are going to in advance, you can actually see or do more things.

3. When travelling overseas, always keep a copy of your passport with you. Put your passport someplace safe in the hotel. You might need the passport as form of identification. But if you bring the original, you might lose it so it is a good idea to bring the copy.

4. Always have some local money with you, just take enough. Traveller’s checks and credit cards are good, and it could be your primary mode of payment, but you might want to keep some local money in your pocket.

5. Carry your money in more than one place; just in case someone robs you or you lose your wallet, you still have some money left.

6. Dress appropriately. Don’t wear too much jewellery. Don’t attract attention by wearing something too sexy or inappropriate. The less attention you draw to yourself, the better. Wear comfortable footwear and travel light. Make sure you can run if you need to.

7. Walk with confidence and avoid unnecessary eye contact. When someone tries to harass you, make loud noises. People might not help you but it will scare your attacker away.

8. For women travelling alone, look for women-friendly hotels. Some hotels now have special rooms or floors designed with female travellers in mind.

9. Put most of your things in the back of the hotel room. Bring a small bell and hang it on the doorknob or put a chair behind the door. That way, when someone tries to enter your room, there will be a noise that wakes you.

10. When you are travelling alone, keep people at home updated and informed about your travel plans and whereabouts. Try to keep contact with them as often as you can. In case something bad happens, they’ll know where to look for you.

Text by Melani Semuel