Budget Travel Tips

If you’re missing the road, what better time than now to begin preparations for the next great adventure? Check out these great tips to avoid paying too much.

* Travel during the low-peak season and avoid traveling during the summer and around holidays.

* Use a wallet-friendly airline. Europe has very competitive airlines and that drives down the price. In many instances you can get a flight to another city for less than the price of a rail pass.

* Understand what your options are for rail passes, especially if you’re in Europe. If you’re traveling by train, take the night train. It will save on accommodation and once you’re used to it, sleeping won’t be a problem on them.

* Buses are the best method of transportation if you’re just trying to get around a city. They are your cheapest option outside of walking.

* If you’re traveling between countries, try to do as much buying of needed items as possible in the cheaper countries where your currency can stretch farther, then avoid the souvenirs in the more expensive ones.

* Always look to get free admission to museums and other local activities that may be going on. Use a museum pass. Many of the passes will pay for themselves and you will be able to keep coming back.

* Take advantage of complimentary breakfasts to get as much food as possible and save some for snacks later. Bakeries generally offer half-priced goods at the end of the day to keep things fresh. It’s a great way to get some good food for little outlay.

* Plan out your day so you know where your money will be going. You don’t have to plan the whole trip, but looking over your day in the morning is a great way to cut costs.

* Get travel insurance before you leave. While it does cost money, it’s totally worth it if you get injured, and can end up saving you a lot in the long run.

* If you plan on visiting a tourist town, stay next door and take public transit into the town. The prices will be much cheaper in the town over.

Photo courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net