Discovering Europe on a Budget

Find out best travel tips to discovering Europe on a budget.

* Don’t travel to Europe in the summer. This is actually the worst time to visit Europe. Prices are at their highest, everything is booked up, the cities are uncomfortably crowded and all of the locals are on holidays. Travel off-season instead for a more local experience as you can get great deals.

* Book your tours and activities in advance. A bit of planning can go along the way. You have a few options when it comes to planning tours and activities in each city. You have free walking tours in most cities across Europe. Sandeman’s is the market leader, tours are comprehensive and you can tip the guide if you enjoyed the tour.

* Do as the locals do. Join local workers at pubs for happy hours; check out local sports matches which are often free or cheap; and if you see a local fair or festival advertised, get along to it. All of these things can provide a terrific insight into how people lead their lives and be just as rewarding as visiting a major visitor attraction.

* Roaming charges and accessing internet abroad is still ridiculously expensive, get yourself a local internet data only simcard. In terms of making free phone calls to friends and family- you’ve got FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp.

* Thanks to the low-cost airline revolution, travelling across Europe is a lot cheaper. Even with hidden extras like paying for checking in your luggage, their prices are pretty good, especially over longer distances. To get the best fares, book and plan you trip far in advance as possible.

* Stay at one of the budget hotel chains on your next trip to Europe. If you are just looking for a cheap, comfortable sleep – these hotels are a great option.

* Limit eating out to once a day and if you’re a foodie go to a gourmet restaurant for lunch rather than dinner when many restaurants offer great value set menus and business lunches.

* Public parks and gardens can be a great source of entertainment; take a picnic lunch and take in the action and just delight in how differently people live their lives in other places.

Photo by Max Kalff