DOs & DON’Ts While in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a major tourist destination known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. Here is some advice for your next visit to Yogyakarta.

* Malioboro is a must, but take the time to visit and explore other areas like Prawirotaman and Tirtodipuran.
* Becak and andong are two types of transportation you must try. Exploring Yogyakarta by becak and andong promises an unforgettable journey.
* Saturday and Sunday are the best days to experience one of the most popular spots in Yogyakarta, Alun-Alun Selatan.
* There are lots of spots in Wonosari to enjoy, including the beaches and Pindul and Jombang caves.
* Even if you don’t have a big sweet tooth, gudeg and bakpia are two local specialities you must try.
* Yogyakartans are known to be very polite and soft-spoken, so you may have to lean in a little to follow the conversation.
* It is an eight-hour train ride from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, but it is well worth the time for this once in lifetime rail journey through Java.
* Ask a street musician to sing “Yogyakarta” by KLa Project in Angkringan, which is famous for its street food. It’s a fun way to enjoy the city; just don’t forget to tip the musician.
* Lots of becak drivers work with batik and bakpia stores in the city; they will give you a good price to drive you around, but you will have to buy something in the stores they take you to.

* If you visit Yogyakarta on a holiday expect to deal with crowds and traffic jams.
* Yogyakarta has plenty of devoted fans, so don’t put down the city in social media unless you are ready for an angry backlash.
* Be respectful in how you dress and speak when visiting the many historical buildings, palaces and places of worship in the city.
* Luxury hotels are great, but try and see a different side of the city by staying in a smaller budget hotel or exploring traditional village life.
* TransYogyakarta was not set up for exploring the city’s tourist attractions; find a mode of transportation with a more flexible schedule for getting around Yogyakarta.
* Tugu Yogyakarta monument is one of the city’s iconic sights, but as far as tourist photos go, it has pretty much been done. There are plenty of other spots in the city for a great tourist pic, you just have to get out and explore.