Family Travel on a Budget

The truth is, it can cost a lot more when you travel with kids. Here are some tips for saving money when traveling with kids.

* Stay Longer
The longer a trip lasts, the lower the per day cost. When you have more time, you have time to do things differently. Instead of renting a car or taking expensive tours, you can can jump on a bus and see something on your own. You can slow your schedule down to see what you want to see, exactly how you want to see it.

* Eat in
Now eating in on holiday doesn’t sound appealing, but the reality of eating out with kids everyday for a week or two is enough to deter even the hardiest of family traveler.

* Snack time
It doesn’t matter if they’re two or ten, kids have smaller stomachs and need to eat more often than adults. Instead of wasting the entire family’s time and money in a restaurant, pack snacks for on the go.

* Search for online deals.
Look for flight, lodging, transportation, and other deals online. Subscribe to eNewsletters that list travel discounts. And watch for super sales.

* Book as early as possible
Especially when you find the good deals. And book it on your to avoid additional fees from travel agents or other third-party sources.

* Family Discounts
Many major attractions around the world have deals for large families. If you have five or more in your family then the savings can add up quickly. If you’re a group of eight or 10 you can usually get group rates (sometimes even on airfare!) so if you’re traveling with another big family it’s worth looking into group savings.