Food on a Budget

Food can add up while traveling since you’ll likely be eating out lots of the time. Here are some tips for finding delicious food without breaking the bank.

* Try street food. It’s often the best (and most authentic!) food you’ll find on your travels.

* Ask locals where they eat. Try asking, “Where do you eat for lunch?” or “If you were to go out to eat, where would you go?” instead of saying, “Which restaurant do you recommend I try?” Sometimes when asked this last question, they’ll point you in the direction of restaurants that are popular with tourists instead of locals because they may assume that’s what you want.

* In expensive places, picnics are a great way to save money on food. Stock up with staples like bread, cheese, veggies, chocolate, fruit, cookies, wine and whatever else your heart desires.

* Make lunch your biggest meal of the day when prices are often lower for the same dish than at dinner time.

* Stay away from restaurants where someone is calling you inside. This is a sure sign of a tourist-trap restaurant where prices are inflated and food is mediocre. Avoid restaurants near tourist attractions or on main city streets as they usually charge more expensive food.

* Bring your own water. Without realizing the money you spend on water can pilled up quickly, it is best to bring your on water to save money.

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