Healthy Tips When Using Public Toilets

Many people would rather have their bladder burst than use a public restroom. However the use of public toilets are unavoidable when travelling. Here some tips on keeping safe in public toilets.

Public toilets are often considered as a source of germs and viruses that can cause infectious illnesses, including sexually transmitted diseases. A recent study by Kimberly Clark Corporation found that 39 per cent of the people they surveyed feared picking up germs in a public toilet more than in any other place.

Hands are your most prolific distributor of germs. The bacterial dangers in a public toilet actually lurk on the surfaces you touch with your hands. Another illness that you could pick up in a public toilet is a digestive tract infection, carried by salmonella bacteria.

One way to avoid such problems is by teaching everyone the safe way to use public toilets. While it is true that urinals and toilets can be a source of germs or infection, if you take precautions, you are unlikely to pick anything up.

* Wipe the toilet flush handle before you use it with a wet paper towel and dry it well.
* Flush the toilet both before and after you use it. The water contained within the bowl of a public toilet and urinal probably contains bacteria. By flushing, the water into which urine or waste is deposited will at least be clean and unlikely to splash germs onto buttocks or genitals.
* Thoroughly clean the toilet seat with a nozzle spray or paper towel if the seat is dirty before sitting on it.
* Here comes the most important thing: Washing your hands! To get a good hand-washing in, start by wetting your hands under warm water. Then, soap up your hands and start scrubbing. To make sure you wash long enough, count slowly to 15, and then rinse your hands.
* Drying your hands. It’s safer to use an air dryer than paper towels, which can be contaminated with bacteria left from the previous user. But you need to be sure to dry your hands thoroughly when using an air dryer because hands left partially wet can breed bacteria.
* Use a paper towel to open the door on your way out of the bathroom since not everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom.

These steps seem simple enough, and are certainly worth the minimal effort to stay free of bacteria and to be healthy. And, remember, it is always better to avoid creating potty-paranoia about such necessities of life.