Money Saving Websites

These websites will make saving cash a breeze!

Do you want to stay in a hotel for a half price? Then Booking’s deals page is what every budget traveler is looking for. Booking scans all of their offers to see what are the best deals offered on their website and then recommends you the things that are the most relevant to you. You can really save a lot of money if you find the right offer in the right place at the right time.

* AirBnb
Want to experience a city or a town while staying in and apartment in a local neighborhood? If so, is a great resource! With AirBnb you can rent a room that is being offered by a local, and that sometimes means having a room in a family house where you interact with them on a daily basis. If that is just not your style then you can rent out a private house, flat or whatever you want.

* Skyscanner
Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you use Find out the best prices moving our asses from country to country. Even though we promised our inner selves to settle down for a while. Don’t blame yourself. Put the blame on Skyscanner.

* Kayak
Similarly to Skyscanner, tool searches for the cheapest flying options from your current location. It beats Skyscanner in the field of multi-city trips and includes searches for nearby airports with cheaper fares.

* Last Minute
Simply click on and find all last minute airfare, hotel, attractions, and packages in one database. If you want to book a vacation for this weekend or grab a flight for tomorrow, start your search here for the best prices on last minute deals.

* TripAdvisor
The biggest online community of travellers. This is the first (and often, last) stop for vacation planners. Not only can you book flights, hotels, car rentals, and get tickets for attractions here, but you also get a amazing breadth of reviews and tips from real travellers. The destination guides on TripAdvisor are often much better (more up-to-date and more detailed) than the expensive guide books in your bookstore.

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