Rebalancing Your Life

Today, people often feel worn out from trying to manage the symptoms of everyday stress, chronic pain, sleep problems, mood swings, or general physical or mental fatigue.

Reported chronic diseases increase year by year, despite advances in medical technology. Incidences of obesity, cardiovascular disease, various forms of autoimmune disorders, degenerative diseases, psychiatric problems, or even cancers, are reportedly on the increase across the generations.

The food industry supplies us with too many varieties of more and more energy dense food choices, in contrast with the downward trend of overall energy expenditure of our human body.

Then we chase the emerging problem with some kind of ritual, or go and sweat it out in a place we call ‘the gym’. We learn how to count calories and nutrition. We just consume food to give energy to the body, or for pleasure, unaware of the life or the energy stored in what we consume.

Step by step, we move further and further away from Mother Nature, losing our soul in a jungle of technology, materials, synthetic matter, and even chemical supplements.

Here are some simple steps to rebalancing your life:
· Walking is perhaps one of the easiest forms of exercise, very simple, yet very effective. Studies show that if you convert only 30 minutes of your sitting time to standing or walking, your metabolism will immediately greatly improve.
· Setting aside some time to linger on what is of real value will give you more insights, and may even have a big impact on every single decision in your life. When your attitude changes, your life is already rebalanced.
· Slow down and step back from your hectic daily routine, and you will see the bigger picture.
· Bring yourself back to basics and come closer to Mother Nature, make a connection with real, ordinary living things, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, organic sources, fresh air, positive thinking, mindful breathing, and conscious eating.
· Communicating more with your inner soul and Mother Nature are truly vital to your health, inner peace, and longevity.

Compiled by Dr. Pijak Wongvisit, MD ABAARM for Chiva-Som | Photos courtesy of Chiva-Som

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