Road Trip Adventure Tips

There’s no better way to explore Western Australia’s diverse landscapes and experiences than on a road trip adventure.

Take notes on some quick tips on making the most of your time when enjoying Western Australia’s best landscapes and wilderness:

* Your driving licence
Holders of an overseas driving licence must carry a copy of their licence with a translation, or an International Drivers’ Permit while driving.

* Familiarize yourself with local driving rules
If you’re planning to travel in Western Australia, it’s important you read up on the local laws. Knowledge of the laws related to driving is crucial to keep all road users safe and reduce the risk of serious crashes. Fines can be handed out to any road user that is seen to be breaking the laws and ignorance of these laws is not an excuse.

* Wildlife on the road
Be aware of roaming animals such as kangaroos, cattle, camels and even eagles on the road in some country areas. Especially at sunrise and sunset.

* Accomodation with style and difference
A road trip into Western Australia’s wide open landscapes is well catered for with accommodation options as varied as the surroundings. Camping, bush retreats and station stays will bring the views to your doorstep with an unpolluted view of the stars and scenery. To find accommodation ideas, head to

* Travelling to remote areas
Your vehicle should always have a spare tyre and car jack in case you sustain a puncture in your travels. Installing dual batteries in your vehicle will also help prevent your battery running flat, so you don’t end up stranded when trying to start your car after making a prolonged stop. Always pack ample food and water, let friends or family know your expected travel route and keep a list of local emergency numbers in case an emergency occurs.

There are bountiful route options to choose if you decide to take on the road trip adventure in Western Australia. Visit to see which route fits your road trip adventure soul.

Text and photos courtesy of Tourism of Western Australia