Save Money on Flights

Paying for a flight can be the most expensive purchase of any trip. Here are some tips to help you book the cheapest ticket possible.

* Search In “Incognito” Mode
Have you ever noticed that the more you research a flight, the more the price goes up? Each flight search engine (and non-travel websites) use a tracking tool called “cookies” to remember your search history. While this can be convenient when you check back on a daily basis to monitor ticket prices, it might mean you will not see the lowest price unless you book the first time you buy a ticket. Because cookies will reset every time you open a new incognito window, you should start over for each search that you make. Close all your windows, open a new private window and start a new flight search.

* Make the Most of the Best Flight Search Engines
Let’s put it simply: without them, your chances of finding cheap flight tickets are low. You need to use more than one flight search engine for every flight search. We recommend Skyscanner: it often gives you the cheapest flights and is more transparent on prices than a lot of other flight search engines. And Momondo: a good alternative – when Skyscanner doesn’t have the lowest fares, Momondo usually does.

* Have Flexible Travel Dates
Tickets prices can fluctuate widely based on which days of the week you travel. It is widely believe that it’s cheaper to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, whereas Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days to fly. Hopefully, you can be flexible on your arrival and departure date. Even if you can only be flexible on one end of your trip, you can easily save a few bucks by flying on Wednesday instead of a Friday or the day before a major holiday when more travelers tend to fly. Most airline websites and flight search engines provide a flexible date calendar that makes it easy to quickly compare ticket prices. As a general observation, third-party sites usually do a better job at providing flexible date pricing.

* Book your Flight Early… but Not Too Early
Тry to beat the crowd – if you’re planning on flying on a weekend or a major holiday, either book early or be flexible. Flexibility is one of the keys to finding cheap airfares. It’s hard to determine the exact date when you should book your flight. But there is a date range out of which you probably miss the best deals. If you’re too early, you’re sure to pass on the best prices: the cheapest flights are never offered more than 4 months ahead of the departure. Booking anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks before a domestic flight is somewhat optimal. If you’re traveling internationally, you might want to book even earlier than that: between 4 and 3 months in advance is usually ideal.

* Follow Your Favourite Airlines’s Social Media
Don’t miss their announcements and special offers! For that, you need to stay aware of their activity as many airlines are posting discount deals on their social medias.

* Check The Airline’s Website
Even if you’re using flight search engines (as you should), be sure to take a quick look at the airline’s website for the cheap fare you found: they sometimes have special discounts and temporary sales.

Photo courtesy of Singapore Airlines