The Most Affordable Months to Travel

Plan your travels wisely and save up to an impressive 49%. From lively beach breaks in Rio and Miami, to cultural and historic city breaks in Kyoto and Saint Petersburg, and the natural beauty and contrasting landscapes of Melbourne and Auckland; there’s something for everyone’s affordable travel bucket list.

Southern Hemisphere Destinations
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Escape to Rio de Janeiro and embrace the legendary samba-infused nightlife, slip into a pair of comfy Havaianas and take a stroll along the iconic Copacabana Beach. The impressive mountainous landscapes will leave you mesmerised and so will one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer. The most expensive month to visit Rio is January, so travel during December which is 24% more affordable by comparison.

Melbourne, Australia
Venture to the trendy city of Melbourne for friendly locals, unspoiled beaches, a vibrant art scene and contrasting landscapes; from skyscraper skylines to quirky beach cafes. During your stay, take a trip to the beautiful Botanical Gardens and visit the stylish Southbank for the best restaurants and bars in town. The most expensive month to visit Melbourne is January, but if you travel during February this will be 11% more affordable by comparison.

Auckland, New Zealand
Explore a fusion of cultures, cuisines and landscapes with a trip to Auckland. Travellers will be in awe of Auckland’s stunning natural beauty, from an extinct volcano, the pristine beaches in the West Coast, and the marine reserve at Goat Island, to the beautiful vineyards at Waiheke Island. The most expensive month to visit Auckland is March, so visit in October which is 15% more affordable by comparison.

Northern Hemisphere Destinations
Kyoto, Japan
Discover the wonder of Kyoto and immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture. Spot a traditionally dressed Geisha, visit a spiritual shrine or temple and be entranced by the stunning natural colours; blossom pink in spring and a rich red during autumn. The most expensive month to visit Kyoto is April so book your stay for June, which is 41% more affordable by comparison.

Miami Beach, US
Known as America’s playground, there is truly no place on earth like Miami Beach. This Art Deco paradise is all about fun, sand and sea. Whether that be sipping beachside cocktails on South Beach, cruising on a jet ski across the emerald waters, to experiencing the hedonistic party scene Downtown. The most expensive month to visit Miami Beach is January, so visit during September which is 42% more affordable by comparison.

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Often referred to as Russia’s cultural hub, Saint Petersburg is the perfect city break for travellers looking to soak up the rich art and history. Take a trip to the Mariinsky Theatre for opera and ballet, or the State Russian Museum for art. Stroll along the historic canals and be in awe of the sheer grandeur and steep history of Russia’s imperial capital. The most expensive month to visit Saint Petersburg is June, so travel during April which is 49% more affordable by comparison.

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