Tips for an Unforgettable Foodie Adventure

If there’s one thing most people agree on when traveling, it’s that food is a major consideration when picking a destination.

There’s no denying the significance of culinary travel, as more and more travellers are planning to take a dedicated food tourism trip sometime in 2018. reveals the top destinations around the world to sample local gastronomy.

Some of the best places to try the local cuisine are in Southeast Asia, with regional delicacies like dim sum, noodles and pho. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that exploratory eaters also come from this area.

Top destinations for tasting local food:
* Ipoh, Malaysia
* Kaohsiung, Taiwan
* Nagoya, Japan
* Johor Bahru, Malaysia
* João Pessoa, Brazil
* Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
* Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Colmar, France
* Lima, Peru
* Catania, Italy
* Belgrade, Serbia

Over half of global travelers are likely to seek out local street food markets this year, which is a great way to try local food. Travelers want to experience more unique dining experiences when traveling and food trucks are the perfect way to do this. Here are some top destinations to enjoy these unique foodie experiences:

Top destinations for street food:
* Jeonju, South Korea
* Hsinchu City, Taiwan
* Marrakech, Morocco
* New York City, USA
* Mexico City, Mexico

Top destinations for food trucks:
* Portland, USA
* Sao Paulo, Brazil
* Seoul, South Korea
* Bangkok, Thailand
* Istanbul, Turkey

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