Travel Tips

Travelling can be challenging. It forces you to trust strangers and to leave behind the familiarity and comfort of home and friends. But somehow it makes you a better person. If you are getting ready to hit the road, these tips might help.

* First and foremost learn as much as possible about the country you plan to visit, including its custom, religion, weather, geography and government.

* Bring along a travel guide when exploring new places, especially when using public transportation.

* Download apps to your smartphone so you will have maps, bus and train routes, restaurant information and more at your fingertips.

* Make a photocopy of your passport and write down your credit card numbers and keep them separate from your passport and credit cards, and also give a copy to your family. Make a photocopy of your flight tickets and keep them separate.

* Bring two passport-size photos and a photocopy of your birth certificate and/or baptismal certificate, just in case you lose your passport.

* Understand completely what your health insurance covers and does not cover while you are travelling.

* Bring your prescription drugs with you in their original containers – don’t pack them in your check-in luggage. Also, bring additional contacts/glasses or your corrective lens prescription with you.

* Carry some identification – a tag, bracelet or card – if you have a medical condition that might require emergency care.

* Mark all your bags inside and out with your name and address – both home address and your foreign address.

* Ask permission before photographing strangers whom you find “interesting”.

* Learn to speak the local language for regular conversation, so you can say hello, thank you, sorry, ask for directions, ask the price, and say common sentences.