Amazing Kupang

Kupang is one of the jewels of the east is East Nusa Tenggara province, a collection of little explored islands just waiting to be discovered.

Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara, has become a hub for travellers. It has two harbours and an international airport that connect travellers to cities across East Nusa Tenggara and Indonesia. Kupang brings together the best of East Nusa Tenggara. It mixes the culture of the province with hints of its natural beauty and some of the modern amenities of a growing city, like luxury hotels and shopping centres.

Start your exploration of Kupang with an afternoon visit to Oenesu Waterfall, hidden away in the forest, beckoning visitors with its cool waters. Oenesu Waterfall is located in West Kupang, about 25 minutes from the main city by car. The name Oenesu comes from the word’s “ui” and “nesung,” meaning water and concave. So, Oenesu means a waterfall with concave pond. Oenesu’s stream flows to Batu Lesa Beach, near Tablolong.

After a refreshing swim, head to Tablolong Beach, about 30 minutes from the waterfall. Tablolong is famous for its pink sand, one of the few beaches in the world to feature this festive hue. Tablolong has few visitors, so there is a chance you will have the beach and its magnificent sunset by yourself.

On the second day, try something totally different – go swimming in a cave. Crystal Cave gets its name from the crystal-clear waters of its pond. If you come early in the afternoon, you can see the sunlight filter into the cave, making the water gleam like crystals. The cave is only open for swimming to 4pm, but that just means you have time to get over to Teddy’s Beach in time for the sunset. There are no teddy bears on the beach; it gets its name from a bar, Teddy’s. Teddy Tanonef, according to stories, helped develop the area as a tourism business pioneer starting in 1984.

You can sit near Teddy’s Beach and enjoy the sunset with a cup of coffee and some roasted corn. Just another day in paradise. The beach is a popular destination for locals and gets hopping once the sun goes down.

Day three in Kupang is all about seafood. Kupang is a beach town so there is plenty of fresh and inexpensive seafood to be had. One of the best spots for fresh seafood is Pasir Panjang. Pick out your fish and they will grill it for you on the spot.

Kupang is also famous for its smoked pork, known as pork se’i. Add a dash of chilli sauce and you have a spicy dish that you won’t soon forget. After lunch head to Batu Nona Beach, about 15 minutes from Pasir Panjang.

Batu Nona Beach is known for its statue of a dancing woman. Locals have a story about this statue. Once upon a time, there was a woman who was so broken-hearted after breaking up with her boyfriend that she jumped from a high rock near the beach.

The sunset at the beach is unbearably fantastic. Watch the sun sink below the horizon, the sky turning a lustrous orange, as families gather and children play soccer on the sand. Sunset at Batu

Nona is so Instagram-able that you will have to capture it. Batu Nona is not as crowded as Teddy’s Beach, so you will have more space to relax as you experience the sunset of a lifetime.

So, stay a couple days to experience all that is offer in amazing Kupang.

Text and photos by Amanda Putri Tabrani

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