Animal Encounters in The Arabian Gulf

Get up close and personal with animals like never before in Dubai.

If you think Dubai and think camels, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Discover your inner animal lover and prepare to be amazed by all the other spectacular creatures and critters dotted across this beautiful metropolis landscape.

Sightsee like never before whether you are by yourself, with your partner, or going on a family trip, the city of Dubai is prepared to impress you with its exotic array of diverse wildlife. Curated below are just some of the best places to visit and get in touch with your wild side — these animals are just as excited to meet you, as you are to meet them.

Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project
A short distance from the Burj Al Arab, take a trip of goodwill this Ramadan with a visit to the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project. There’s no need to purchase a ticket or reserve a time, this free event happens all day everyday with feedings starting at 11AM on Wednesdays. You’ll also get the chance to see rehabilitated turtles get released back into the ocean. Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project is located at the Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel, the enclosure is free and open to the public. Enclosures are located in the Turtle Lagoon and feedings are at the Turtle Island, to access these areas you will have to enter through the lobby of the hotel. (

The Lost Chambers Aquarium
The lost city of Atlantis has reappeared in the city of Dubai. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is the ultimate destination for lovers of the ocean. Experience breath taking moments as you find yourself swimming with sharks, encountering a dolphin, or taking selfies with a sea lion. For those who aren’t up for the adventure, find yourself taking a relaxing yoga class surrounded by shimmering sea life in one of the chambers. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located at Atlantis The Palm Dubai Hotel, note that water park and aquarium entry is included with hotel stays. The Lost Chambers Aquarium’s daily hours are from 10.00AM to 10.00PM. (

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
The perfect spot for bird gazing and photography, rack up hundreds of likes on your Instagram by posting a vibrant picture of these pink flamingos. Can’t seem to snap a picture of the fluttering beauties? The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Reserve is also the perfect place to have a picnic with the most envious view. Maybe if you’re lucky, a little bird will come fly over your shoulder asking for a little snack. Established in 1985, the best time to visit the sanctuary is during the day where you can see all the migratory birds. The feeding times for the flamingos are at 10.00AM and 4.00PM everyday.

Platinum Heritage Private Falconry
Regarded as the national bird of the United Arab Emirates, the falcon is a symbol of force and courage. Platinum Heritage Private Falconry also possesses the worlds most sought after falcons. Be brave and experience a once in a lifetime interaction with this beautiful and regal bird. Follow in the footsteps of celebrities such as Selena Gomez and give a hand at hunting with a falcon. Provided by Platinum Heritage Luxury Tours and Safaris, Platinum Heritage Private Falconry is open daily from 8.00AM to 6.00PM. (

Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai
Tired of admiring these lovely birds from behind a thick glass wall? Well here’s your chance to get as close as you can – you can even hug the penguins! Once your meeting with the penguins are over, you can enjoy some snow fun or skiing in Ski Dubai’s indoor ski slopes. An indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates. Their daily hours are from 9.00AM to 12.00AM. (

Prepare your itinerary, pack your bags, and book a flight. We’ve got you covered, find below the unique places recommended above, safe travels!

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