Dubai Has It All

From diving through the skylines of Dubai for adrenaline-rush seekers, to yoga by the sea for those in search of some zen, Dubai has it all.

The world knows Dubai for its unparalleled luxuries and sky-reaching skyscrapers. Many would think that it is all Dubai has to offer, however, Dubai is in fact, proof that it has got something for everyone.

Before you pack your bags and leave, try doing this quiz to find out which kind of traveller you are. We’ll make sure that each and every one of you has the perfect itinerary to explore Dubai.

Let’s start!
1. Which type of attraction interests you the most?
a. Rainforests and nature
b. Tranquil and vintage places
c. Skyscrapers and modern places
d. Shows and parties
e. Theme parks and water parks

2. Which type of transport would you pick to explore the city?
a. Open-top bus
b. Walking
c. Monorail
d. Taxi/Uber
e. Rent a car

3. Time to fill your tummy, where would you dine?
a. Food court
b. Artsy and unique cafes
c. Fast food chain
d. Fine dining
e. Family friendly restaurant

4. Who would you take on your holidays?
a. Fellow travellers
b. By yourself
c. Best friends
d. Spouse or your loved one
e. Family

5. What is it that you search for on a journey?
a. Adventure
b. Zen/inspiration
c. Hype
d. Romance
e. Togetherness

Take a look at your answers and see which category below you fall into. If you’re undecided, that just gives you more choices.

If you answered mostly A: You are an Adventurer!
Here are things you might like doing while in Dubai: Take your explorer-self to the world of flora and fauna at The Green Planet, and be prepared to wonder how a rainforest can exist in the middle of the desert- city. You can then continue your journey to Sky Dive Dubai to casually jump out of a plane at 13,000ft, and be struck with amazement of Dubai’s extraordinary skyline from up above. And just before the sun sets, make sure to get your heart pumping while dune-bashing, going up and down the dunes of Dubai by booking a Desert Safari tour. To get a local experience for dining, you can go check out hole-in-the-walls at the Bur Dubai neighborhood for a taste of traditional specialties.

If you answered mostly B: You are a Soul-Traveler
Here are things you might like doing while in Dubai: To reconnect with nature and get your body, mind and soul harmonized again, Yoga by The Sea at The Beach should be on your list. Be inspired by going back in time at Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum’s House – the official residence where Dubai’s past ruler, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, used to live and envisioned the Dubai that exists today. Escaping the buzzing and busy Dubai, get kayaking or hiking at the calm and scenic Hatta Dam. Thinking of getting a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book on your lone time? Then you should pay a visit to the Book Munch Café, located at the Al Wasl Square, Jumeirah, where you can dine, sip a cup of tea, and explore their shelves of literary options.

If you answered mostly C: You are the City-Wanderer
Here are things you might like doing while in Dubai: Visiting the 828 meter tall Burj Khalifa is a must for you to get the best view of the city from such height. From the 124th floor, there is an observation deck, where you can experience standing almost on-top of the tallest building in the world. You can also explore the perfectly built Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Alia and Deira Islands), which are manmade island shaped like palm trees that will amaze you. Stroll around Dubai Marina Walk at midday, and see a combination of luxury, skyscraper, and the sea all in front of your eyes. Many people know that Dubai is a shopping paradise. Gifting yourself with some goods and souvenirs wouldn’t hurt you, as Dubai is a tax-free country! Check out these places to shop till you drop: Deira Gold Souk, Mall of The Emirates, The Dubai Mall, and Al Fahidi Street.

If you answered mostly D: You are a Romantic Traveler
Here are things you might like doing while in Dubai: Sit with your partner on a steaming-hot air balloon, in the middle of the spectacular Dubai Desert, and relax while going up into the sky hand-in-hand. What could be better than being treated with delicious food while enjoying a classic 80’s movie-screening at Claw? The menu for its movie nights are customized according to the movie that is being screened that night, giving you one of the most unique experiences ever in Dubai. Or would you rather glam up and spoil yourself at Dubai’s best fine dining? La Petite Maison could be the answer. Finish up the night going to C-Club, feeling like an English elite, while enjoying their calm and soft light music at their regal and luxurious venue.

If you answered mostly E: You are a Family-Person
Wherever you go, all you think about is your family. Togetherness is what’s most important to you, and you just want to make sure that everybody has a good time during the trip.
Here are things you might like doing while in Dubai: Everybody knows that Dubai is an all-year-round sunny country. But guess what? You can definitely ski all-year-round, too, in Dubai, at Ski Dubai. If you’re up for some thrill and fun, you should take the whole crew to Dubai Parks and Resorts, where you get comprehensive selection of theme parks: MOTIONGATE, LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND WATER, and Bollywood Parks Dubai. Fly your kites, and enjoy the view of Burj Al Arab at Kite Beach, one of Dubai’s favorite spot for families to visit.

So, which one are you? Are you the adventurer, or the family-person? Or perhaps, you’re a little bit of everything? Worry not, because Dubai has it all!

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