Isle East Indies

A Petite Jewel in the Thousand Islands

Not far from the glitzy bustle of Jakarta, approximately 90 minutes by speedboat, lies an exquisite private island, Isle East Indies. A small island, measuring a modest 10,000 square metres, Isle East Indies is part of the Thousand Islands. The island, which was originally known as Kaliage Kecil, is owned by businessman David Salman and has only been open to the public since a year ago.

Today’s stressful lifestyles demand time for relaxation, rejuvenation and self-reflection. Isle East Indies offers a wellness retreat that is tailored to your specific needs prior to your arrival. The minimum stay is three days but I suggest at least a week to help bring about lasting life changes. The island management work with a team of highly qualified yoga instructors and self-development consultants. You will experience a balance of yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition and spiritual guidance as well as plenty of time to relax and enjoy the island.

My spine tingled with excitement when I caught my first glimpse of Isle East Indies. Greeting us with a kiss of serenity, our secret Eden appeared to be an almost perfect circle, a glittering emerald ringed by white gold. There is no air-conditioning and no swimming pool here, but who needs AC in a haven that is constantly cooled by whispering onshore breezes, and who needs a swimming pool when the safe, shallow, turquoise waters of the sea are footsteps away.

There are four main buildings on the island, from the magnificent century-old Javanese wooden Joglo house to the spectacular beachfront Malay guesthouse, all of them a mix of colonial and ethnic designs, with plenty of antique ornaments.

Once you arrive at Isle East Indies, all decisions regarding cuisine are removed. A new menu is created daily to perfectly suit your tastes. You can expect the most succulent dishes prepared using the freshest tropical ingredients of the archipelago. Sip from a fresh young coconut and enjoy tropical fruit salad breakfast platters. Watch the fishermen arrive onshore with freshly caught fresh to be prepared for lunch and enjoy a beach barbeque as the majestic sun sets against the Java Sea.

There are several breathtaking spots around Isle East Indies to enjoy fresh island delights. The Bale is a cosy stand-alone pavilion with cushioned daybeds and traditional serving trays, a place to enjoy meals in relaxed comfort while listening to the waves lapping against the shoreline.

If you want to escape for a moment from the busy routine of work, Isle East Indies is the answer. Enjoy your time by reading your favourite novel while enjoying the sunset. For those who want to venture offshore, there are plenty of water activities on offer. The island provides snorkelling equipment for those who want to explore the island’s underwater paradise. For those who like an adrenaline rush, you can feed your need for speed with the water skis. If you’re looking for an adrenaline kick then jump into a pair of water skis and let the captain jet you across the strait, or don some scuba gear and explore the reef below. Kayaks are a great way to enjoy the scenery and visit neighbouring islands such as Kaliage Besar and Kelapa Fishing is also a perfect way to while away the morning, and bring back lunch, too.

Isle East Indies Island is stunning, a private paradise just waiting to be explored.

Text and photos by Meliza Sopandi

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